What do I do?

The way people perceive your product is crucial for your startup.
The image can help you increase the number of your customers or interest of investors in your startup.
Leave your communication to professional. To me.


Owned media

Social media, blog, content for your website, infographics and all the others that you own. Let me give you the best content management experience ever. Pass all the responsibilities (content creation and community management) on me and think only about your startup's development.

Let me free your brand's potential.

The most popular content marketing tactics are: social media (93%) and blogs (81%)

The top three most effective social media platforms for B2B: LinkedIn (82%), Twitter (66%), YouTube (64%)

The most effective B2B content marketing tactics are In-Person Events (75%) and Webinars / Webcasts (66%)

36% of companies with a documented content strategy indicate their content marketing is “very effective” or “extremely effective”


Earned media

Earned media are all this gained through promotional efforts other than advertising. Shares, likes and publications. It means visibility in media, social media.

Let me put you in fridge. So you could jump out.

25% up to 40% of all traffic and lead generation comes from earned media – AdAge

92% percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media. – Neilson Research

78% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertising – Pew Statistics


Brand management

Content is important, though getting involved with your present and future customers is also important, if not crucial. Rightly made conversations leaves your customers with unique feeling of care and direct impact on your product.

Let them feel it.

Why startups?

When I was leaving safe and stable work as Head of PR in one of communication agencies in Warsaw people asked why am I doing this.
So I told them: I like innovation. I like creative people. I like dynamics. Generally: I like startups.
At the same time – the agency wasn’t flexible enough to fit into startup’s specificity. I decided to change myself into freelancer.


Startups usually have very little money. Thay can't afford an agency and it's large and almost corporate rules. Cooperating with me means only rules that we will both agree to.


You need a person who will know your product as well as you. You need a person who will participate in the process of creation of your startup. Saying simply - you need me.


I don't work 8am-4pm. I won't force you to sign 12-months contract. I answer calls. I'm open-minded. Let's find together a way to cooperate.