The Jak's Approach

Let me tell you, how I feel about communication.


Sustainable communication

Efficiency is the ultimate goal of all PR-people, also mine. I believe we are able to achieve set goals with communication built on solid grounds of sustainable communication. What does it mean to me?

Creating content that is valuable for your recipient, so we wouldn't create another trash without any worth. The World is full of it anyway.

Through my communication, I always want to make your product better and make our world a better place. I know, it sounds crazy - but building better products and communicating them in a right way can raise the bar and inspire others.


Be you

There's nothing better for your product than you being emotional about it. Show your devotion, your dreams, your courage. You love your product. You believe it can change the world. You believe you can leave the reality better than you found it.

Let me find this passion inside you and tell the world your and your's product stories. Let me find focus points and be honest about you. Let me reflect your emotions and through that - show your company.


I'm am a communication trailblazer

I've been always crazy about new. My approach to things I execute is simple: I want to be pioneer and effective at the same time.

It forces me to keep developing both: my skillset and my mindset. It also drives me to look for innovative tools and using it in my everyday life/work.

What can you expect from working with me? Honest KPI's, timely done work, highest quality of services. But above all: passion and a full head of ideas how to make it better, stronger, with bigger impact.